The Shell Foundation and Value for Women embarked on a partnership in 2016 designed to pilot a holistic framework for gender inclusion in enterprise operations, using a “bottom-up”, business-first approach, aimed at testing the impact of gender inclusion on business performance. The approach first hones in on business challenges and then designs practical measurable solutions with a gender lens.

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A Business-First Approach to Gender Inclusion

The Global LEAP Awards Buyer’s Guide is a catalog of the world’s best off-grid appliances. This edition contains information about solar water pumps that were named Winners and Finalists in the 2019 Global LEAP Awards. The Buyer’s Guide serves as a procurement tool for off-grid solar companies and distributors, and provides general market intelligence to other interested stakeholders. It includes rated product specifications, performance metrics based on laboratory testing, and sales contact information

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This document identifies a series of technology improvements for remote monitoring systems and brushless DC motors that, if adopted, could improve pump efficiency and performance. It also outlines recommendations for future research, including: connectivity, the impact of water quality on durability, quality assurance, and specific in-country barriers.

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