Enabling companies through technical assistance

As part of our commitment to expand the productive use of energy, we provide technical assistance to a selection of companies.


Osquareteck is an independent and recognised leader in providing energy efficiency and micro grid turnkey services to the power industry in Nigeria.

They are in the process of introducing the GridFree system which saves clients the need to buy PV and battery storage. They have started to build a pilot off-grid bulk charging station in Ogun state, where batteries (48VDC 114AH LiFePo4) will be charged and made available for rental as a battery-as-a-service model. These batteries will furthermore power e-vehicles such as e-rickshas and two-wheelers, and maybe later on cars.

PREO is supporting them with finding partners and researching e-mobility policy best practices in sub-Saharan Africa.

Osquareteck power e-vehicles such as e-rickshas
Regain 37 education provider

Regain 37

Regain 37 started as an educational content provider in Zimbabwe and then realised that there is no power in schools and hence combined it with solar energy solutions that can power the content server for the digital library, classroom digital projectors and complimentary solar LED lights to allow for studying at night.

They have finalised a proof of concept in 10 schools in Zimbabwe and are planning to scale up to 363 schools within the next 6 years.

PREO is supporting them with advisory on unit economics to enhance sustainability of business model and building a comprehensive financial model for engaging prospective investors.