Charging Ahead – Accelerating e-mobility in Africa
The latest report from PREO, outlines the market opportunity for e-motorcycles to become a driving force in the African e-mobility sector.


PREO is a demand-led, productive use of energy (PUE) programme stimulating partnerships, innovation and learning to address the needs and improve the livelihoods of sub-Saharan African communities.


Rural water pump powered by solar

Action Learning Projects

Funding for innovative, off-grid PUE business models in sub-Saharan Africa that support economic prosperity and job creation in local value chains.

A man and a woman working in partnership at a laptop together in a rural food market

Partnership Services

Brokering mutually beneficial PUE-focused partnerships within sub-Saharan African value chains that enables improved access to markets, enhanced revenues and local employment opportunities.

Rural Shop lit up by electric

Technical Assistance

Tailored assistance to enterprises and organisations seeking to improve their viability, productivity and community impact using our pool of highly-trained experts.

Knowledge Hub

A repository of information for actors across the PUE value chain to break down investment barriers and disseminate best practice learnings.

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