Knowledge Guide

Equipment procurement

This knowledge guide highlights current local supply-chains for clean productive use of energy (PUE) equipment in sub-Saharan Africa and identifies insights about the challenges, opportunities and successes experienced by PREO-funded projects.

As African supply-chains are still growing, companies face regular issues ranging from sourcing, shipping and installing equipment delivered from international markets, to obstacles around port clearance and regulatory frameworks that do not fully support the manufacturing of clean energy equipment locally.

This guide explores a variety of mitigation strategies from PREO projects: creating partnerships along the supply chain, using collaborative shipping models, increasing local and international market knowledge, upskilling local personnel by providing technical training programmes, strengthening relationships with local government bodies and streamlining supply chains.

To support such strategies, this knowledge guide details sources of support in relation to port clearance, transport, logistics and delivery, technical and business advisory support and avenues for industry networking.

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