COP27 Wrap Up

Last month the PREO programme showcased the exciting contributions it’s making within the productive use of energy space at COP27.

COP27 took place on 6-18 November in Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt marking the 27th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties. During the largest annual gathering on climate action, we shared insights from the PREO programme’s technical assistance and financial support made possible with UK aid funding from the UK government and IKEA Foundation.


Health, Wealth, and Environmental Prosperity – Investing in Productive Use to Power Decarbonization’ –11 Nov, 10:30am EET this dedicated PREO panel explored how enabling clean, reliable, and affordable energy is vital in creating an inclusive transition for underserved communities. Panellists included David Aitken, Director of Innovation, Carbon Trust, Ms Gabriela Elizondo Azuela, Practice Manager ESMAP World Bank, Makena Ireri Director of Clean Energy Access Research East Africa, CLASP and Christopher Emmott, Associate Director of Investing in Energy Access, Acumen.

COP27 Wrap Up

During the session, Carbon Trust’s David Aitken drew upon the critical need to power homes and businesses to unlock improved income, better health, build better economies and enhance diversity and inclusion, ‘when we talk about the productive use of energy we can look at how technologies and solutions such as water pumps for irrigation, crop processing mills, for agricultural produce, cooling solutions for preserving food, and charging solutions for e-mobility and a whole range of innovative technologies are working to transform innovations to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits for a just energy transition’.

Moderator, Felicity Tolley from Energy Saving Trust, then brought the panel to a close with a call to action for ‘increased investment and funding so we can work towards closing the energy access gap by 2030’.

Showcasing the impact of cooling facilities for productive use we closed out the session with a video shining a spotlight and capturing the daily operations of PREO company SokoFresh. 

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The PREO programme was also featured in the following COP27 sessions which can be watched via the links below:

Session: The Powering Healthcare Energy Compact: building global momentum and lessons learned in India – 12 Nov, 13:30 EET

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Session: UNFCCC Side Event: Accelerating Clean Energy Innovation To Drive Sustainable, Equitable Growth In Developing Countries – 14 Nov, 11:30-13:00 EET

Session: SDG7 and Cooling for All: Delivering Solutions at the Last Mile #ThisIsCool – 16 Nov, 16:30 EET

Link to recording: SEforALL COP27 – SpotMe

COP27 debrief recording: