Koolboks off grid solar refrigerators for fish traders Nigeria-

A lack of reliable refrigeration means that fish traders in Nigeria are unable to sell approximately 30% of their products. Intermittent grid connections – and the high cost of back-up diesel generators – leave their fridges without power for prolonged periods and the fish consequently spoil quickly in the heat. Issues with cooling appliances, therefore have an adverse effect on the sales and profitability of most fish trading enterprises.

Through this PREO-funded project, Koolboks aims to develop a sustainable business model for female fish traders in Nigeria by providing access to off-grid solar refrigerators. In partnership with organizations on the ground in Lagos, Koolboks will pilot a lease-to-own product package that provides full access to a KoolHome solar-powered refrigerator unit that the fish traders pay for in small instalments.

The project will scale up a successful pilot programme completed in 2020 which tested consumer response to KoolHome refrigerators. Koolboks will now empower over 200 female fish traders with 300 affordable solar-powered refrigerators in 12 markets across Lagos whilst also evaluating the wider social and economic impact of solar refrigeration. This affordable cooling solution will also be provided to female purveyors of other frozen goods (e.g. chicken) as there is a high demand for solar refrigeration products in Lagos.