Simusolar is an agriculture equipment supplier focused on providing solar-powered products that have a direct and significant impact on productivity. The company’s main focus is on irrigation solutions for rural smallholder farmers in East Africa. 

Since 95% of cultivated land in the region is rain-fed and only 5% benefits from some type of agricultural water management, Simusolar’s solar-powered water pumping solutions have huge potential to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable way. 

Through multiple years of experience working with smallholder farmers, Simusolar has identified ways to make solar-powered irrigation solutions affordable for low-income agribusinesses in Tanzania. The company offers contextually designed equipment that meets the needs of smallholder farmers, equipment financing with reasonable payback terms, and add-on productivity-enhancing services. Their innovative PAYGo platform enables customers to ‘pay as they earn’ based on their seasonally varying cashflows.

With funding from PREO, Simusolar has been able to expand its offer to a range of farmers in the coffee, horticulture, and livestock sectors in Uganda. The company has also successfully set up new partnerships with local distributors and farmer cooperatives to overcome last-mile distribution barriers.