Equatorial Power
Boat on a river

Equatorial Power, Mobilizing Electricity for Productive End Uses and Fishermen eMobility in Lake Victoria.

The project focuses on mobilizing electricity for productive use through the promotion of electric mobility for fishing in Lolwe Island of Lake Victoria. The plan is to pilot approximately 20 electric boats for fishing with charging hubs that will be connected to the solar mini-grid installed on the island.

The intended outcomes are

  1. Eliminating the use of petrol and reduced operating costs for fishing,
  2. Demonstrate a viable anchor load for the mini-grid on the island, and
  3. Creating local employment opportunities through a productive use charging hub on the island.

The expected impacts are

  1. Improving economic livelihoods among those who directly or indirectly depend upon fishing, through improved fishing value proposition and job creation.
  2. Strengthening the business case for a sustainable mini-grid in this community through increased productive energy uptake (and securing the indirect benefits of clean, reliable, and plentiful electricity),
  3. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the vital economic activity of fishing.