Imara Tech

Imara Tech is developing productive-use agricultural machines for off-grid farms.

97% of the 6 million smallholder farms in Tanzania do not possess machinery to assist with agricultural labour, and less than 50% are able to access electricity on a community level. Lack of access to electricity and mechanisation prevents farmers from adding value to their harvests and instead leaves them dependent on laborious, time-consuming farming practices.

Imara Tech is developing a portfolio of agricultural machines that can be powered by clean energy and used to establish profitable, income-generating businesses in off-grid areas. The initial portfolio consists of three products: a flour mill, a peanut sheller, and an oil press. Each product can be operated as a business that provides value-added services to off-grid farms, allowing them to capture more of the value chain while also reducing their time and labour.

To ensure these products successfully reach the market, Imara Tech is increasing its local supply chain capacity with both capital equipment and a growing staff. Each Imara Tech product is manufactured locally using lean manufacturing principles, allowing the company to be agile in its response to market demand.

Imara Tech’s products are being piloted throughout 2021, after which the products will be commercialised. Each product will be available in both AC and DC options so that they can be deployed with existing off-grid energy systems or new stand-alone systems.

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