InspiraFarms is providing compact first mile cooling infrastructure to small scale farmers in Kenya. 

In Kenya there is an increasing demand for international markets to work with small scale producers to increase the supply of fresh produce. These growers have very small plots and little access to capital loans. The growers aggregate produce at central collection points which is later collected and transported to a centralized packshed and cold rooms to be cooled, graded, packed and then shipped to final market.

The InspiraFarms project provides a solution for the gap in first mile of the cold chain between the farmer collection point and the centralised packshed. This can be of up to 200km or 72hours before any post harvest cooling is applied to the produce.

The design is compact to cater for the limited access to land as well as being completely mobile. The units cater for areas with no electrical infrastructure as there is a solar power option.

These compact first mile precoolers create access to new markets, reduce post harvest losses and increase revenue for the small scale growers.…