LAGAZEL: leading local manufacturer of high-quality solar lamps & kits in Africa

LAGAZEL is the first company to manufacture solar lamps in Africa, providing a quality local solution to households that do not have access to electricity and contributing to the industrial and economic development of the continent.

640 million people do not have access to electricity in Africa. Having light is a vital need: without light during the night, children cannot study, adults cannot work, nurses cannot provide healthcare, etc. Many rely on flashlights or petrol lamps that are imported, fragile, dangerous to health and for the environment, and costly to use.

With support from PREO, LAGAZEL implemented a project aimed at strengthening and developing the local value generation of their manufacturing facilities while creating sustainable local jobs in Burkina Faso and Benin. LAGAZEL designs and manufactures solar equipment using metal, which is economical and recyclable, so the company is able to produce high-quality goods for the African market. The solar lamps and kits have a life expectancy of five years and come with a two-year guarantee, offering a reliable lighting solution for users.

For this project, LAGAZEL adapted their existing solar lamp business model for the solar home system product, by sourcing components from selected suppliers predominantly in Europe and Asia for its workshop in Burkina Faso (Dédougou, Boucle du Mouhoun region). Subsequently, the company expanded its operations to Benin (Porto Novo, Ouémé region), beginning the manufacture of a series of Sobox light and Sobox power solar-home-systems. Additionally, through a partnership with the research association IFSRA, it conducted an in-depth study to investigate the socio-economic impact of LAGAZEL’s activity in these areas.

LAGAZEL currently has two African workshops and plans to create five more within the next five years.

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