SokoFresh enables smallholder farmers to drastically reduce post-harvest loss and increase the value of their harvests, by unlocking access to off-grid cold-storage, value-add activities & better buyers through as-a-service models.

Horticultural value chains are characterized by seasonality of produce, improper post-harvest handling and high standards for export markets, leading to over 50% of food loss with many crops. SokoFresh will be able to reduce loss to less than 10%, and drastically increase income of the smallholder farmers. SokoFresh integrates cold storage, structured aggregation and market linkage activities into smallholder farmer value chains by offering these on a pay-as-you-store basis.

SokoFresh is currently setting up a pilot in Makueni and Muranga county with 2 off-grid cold storages and a market linkage platform to validate a scalable, replicable and financially sustainable business model. This will create significant results in 3 key impact areas: local job creation and higher income for smallholder farmers, improved quantity and quality of highly nutritious crops, and reduced strain of agriculture on climate.

At scale this model can empower over a million smallholders in Kenya and many more across the world!

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