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BODAWERK Agr-E-Hub renewable energy mechanisation services provider

Farm mechanisation is unaffordable and scarce for many rural smallholder farmers in East Africa. As a result, labour intensive activities like ploughing, threshing and milling are still largely done by hand.  

BODAWERK aims to address this development challenge by establishing the AgrE-Hub: a contract mechanisation services provider powered entirely by renewable energy solutions tailored specifically for the farm power needs of rural East Africa smallholders.  

The AgrE-hub will include:

  • A small fleet of E-traks; a low-cost, multi-purpose electric two-wheel tractor capable of providing ploughing, milling, threshing, water-pumping, grain-transportation, seed-drilling and more.
  • Swappable Smart Batteries; Li-ion battery packs that charge through the mini grid and power the E-traks along with AgrE-hub infrastructure and stationary equipment. These batteries are also equipped with PAYG functionality. 
  • A range of scale-appropriate implements like plows, threshers, mills, pumps, trailers, dryers and more.
  • A modular DC solar mini-grid that provides electricity at a fraction of the cost of AC mini-grids. 

The project incorporates all of these technologies under one roof into a scalable services-based business model. This approach charts a path to greater productive use of energy overcoming challenges that currently prevent traditional mini-grids from achieving wider scale adoption in the region. With the capacity to store energy economically and transport it flexibly over large distances and rough terrain, AgrE-hub enables clean energy to become the fuel source of choice for powering rural smallholder livelihoods.  


PEG Africa
PEG_Africa solar irrigation Senegal

PEG Africa plans to provide 160 solar-irrigation systems on credit to underserved smallholder farmers in Senegal to help improve the productivity of vegetable farms and reduce reliance on polluting fossil fuels or tiring manual labour.

The small-scale solar irrigation market is underdeveloped, and high upfront costs are a key barrier to improving farm productivity in Senegal and other African markets. The scanty financing that is available for rural smallholder farmers comes at unaffordable interest rates and the farmers also require additional agronomic support, which currently is inadequate.

Through the PREO project, PEG Africa – one of West Africa’s largest Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar company is partnering with two leading solar-irrigation suppliers to provide 160 solar-pumps to small-holder farmers in Senegal focused on vegetable production. The project will introduce 7 types of pumps that will be sold on credit to farmers across the country. PEG intends to further improve the distribution, supply chain, and after-sales network through PREO’s support.

A successful PREO project will help scale small-scale irrigation to several thousands of farm-families in Senegal over the next five years.